Collected Landscapes, 30 May - 21 July 2019, Caloundra Regional Gallery.

Co-curated by Nina Shadforth, Collections Curator and Hamish Sawyer, Gallery Curator. Including works by: Joanne Currie Nalingu, Joseph Daws, Johanna DeMaine, Peter Hudson, Shane Pickett, Sarah Rayner, Luke Roberts, A.J. Taylor.

 Catalogue exert by Nina Shadforth and Hamish Sawyer:

“ Entering into a post conceptual microcosm of the natural world and its reproductive remnants are Sarah Rayners entomological, museum-like installations and hand built hybrid porcelain pods. Rayner draws inspiration from the reproductive organs of plants and her artistic methodology involves regular exploration in Hinterland pockets on the Sunshine Coast. The choice of porcelain functions as a metaphor in that the act of carefully holding a porcelain form combined with its delicateness and preciousness, further underlines the fragility of the natural world.”