Speciman box 2001 copy.jpg

Involvo Evolvo, 2001, Craft Queensland (Now Artisan), Brisbane

Collaborative exhibition Andrew MacDonald and Sarah Rayner.

Involve Evolvo is an examination of locale, of closely identifying with place. The artists worked together, observing, collecting, sorting and collating a group of plant and insect specimens on the Toowoomba/Ravensbourne region west of Brisbane.

 The artworks within the exhibition are both informed and inspired by the subtle yet complex structures of these specimens. The delicate forms, with their openings and closings, have been reinterpreted through a collaborative process. Mysterious mutations have emerged, crafted from a combination of artificial and natural materials. The work thus alludes to human intervention and our difficult relationship with the natural environment. We need it, study it, admire it for many reasons, but simultaneously inflict out desires upon it.

 Exhibited at Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery and Artisan Gallery Brisbane 2001.